Ubuntu 8.10 on Acer 4520 : 2 Easy Steps

To be honnest I’ve skipped 08.04 because of one simple reason : I’m to lazy to do all the upgrade routine! Usualy ubuntu installation  is easy (especially with intel chipsets) but in my case ( I own an Acer 4520 with Atheros WIFI and Nvidia GeForce 7000m) ubuntu installation can realy turn into frustation!

Today I have time to waste and I decided to try the new ubuntu 08.10, downloaded the iso from my campus repository, the download took 20 minutes and burned it to a CD, restarted my laptop and boot up the new OS. The ubuntu desktop shows up at a 800×600 resolution and the WIFI wasnot up. I was not really happy with the initial impression, but i installed it anyway.

less than 30 minutes later a fresh ubuntu 08.10 is running on my laptop, and my first task is to make the WIFI work, my atheros works with the Alpha release of Ubuntu 08.10 (i’ve tried it form the live cd) but the new driver package that is included with final relase is somehow not compatible with the atheros on my laptop. So to make it work i must install backports :

sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic

Open the Hardware Drivers application ( System >> Administration >> Hardware Drivers ), disabled the “Support For Atheros 802.11 Wireless LAN Cards” and activated the “Nvidia accelerated Graphics Driver (version 177)” then click apply, the application downloads the nvidia driver and installs it, reboot the laptop.

I was Amazed! After the reboot everything was working fine! the screen resolution was auto readjusted to 1280×800 and the wifi is up and running! And all that i’ve done is just to simple steps : install the backports and activated/deactivited the drivers.

I Must admit Ubuntu is getting better all the time!


10 responses to “Ubuntu 8.10 on Acer 4520 : 2 Easy Steps

  1. Gmana dengan masalah shutdownnya? Punyaku tetep ga bisa, biarpun udah ngikutin saran matiin network n tambahan setting kaya di forum ubuntu.. Ga bisa shutdown euy.. Apa karena aku pake yg 64bit ya??

  2. aq bis nginstal ini di terminal,kok driver nvidia na ga bisa di download manual ya??? padahal sebelum na udah mau,tp bis instal “sudo apt-get install linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic” di terminal malahan ga bisa download driver na????????


  3. hello, i’ve tried downloading “linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic” with your given commands, and it works…but unfortunately, i got 404 error

    http://security.ubuntu.com intrepid-security/main linux-backports-modules-intrepid-generic
    404 Not Found

    ping me back pls

  4. To activate the vga driver to 1280X800 resolution, you could install from synaptic manager

    but first you must connect to internet with LAN or at my condition I use GSM modem huawei E220(this modem auto recognize)

    seacrh “nvidia 177” or “nvidia 7000m” at the search box, then checklist all modules (only with “177”) and nvidia-settings below the nvidia-glx-177

    then click apply , then wait until it all processed.

    then, reboot after all finished.

    trataaaa, now you could have the 1280×800 resolution in front your 4520…


    pakai aja synaptic manager untuk aktifkan drivernya ke 1280×800
    gw sih pakai modem huawei e220 yang langsung dikenali sama ubuntu 8.10 ini,

    di synaptic manager ini ketik “nvidia 177” atau kalau perlu di cari saja “nvidia 7000m” juga. checklist semua yang ada 177 nya dan nvidia-settings trus klik apply.

    abis itu yah nungguin dia download dan proses semua sampai selesai dan reboot….. ntar masuk nya sudah di resolusi 1280×800 dan kalau ga naik, coba di liat di restricted hardware driver lagi, sudah di enable apa belum.

    untuk pertama kali sih saya coba di disabled dulu wifi nya baru jalankan synaptic manager.

    semoga berhasil.
    masalah saya sendiri, wifi tidak naik 😦

    mudah mudahan ini di coba bisa jalan.

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