How To Format Large Hard Drive to Fat32

If you need to format a large HDD (>32 Gb) to a Fat32 Filesystem, you can’t use any of the default GUI that your windows operating system provides you! But you can really use the format command from the command line, once you are at the command console you can type in :

C:\>format /FS:FAT32 [the drive letter you want to format]

It will ask you to enter your current volume label for that drive, for example if  your drive if currently named “DATA” than enter that! most people will enter a new volume label by mistake.

CAUTION : There is a chance that you will fail with a “Volume Too Large For Fat32” error if the drive that you are formatting is in a blank state without an active partition in it, so it is best that you first format your drive to a standard ntfs volume then proceed with the command line formating. This took me 30 minutes to complete a 40Gb drive! Imagine how long it will took to format a 500Gb drive!

want a quick format? try adding /q to the command

C:\>format /FS:FAT32 /q  [the drive letter you want to format]

alergic to command lines? use this very good :

don’t even bother with swissknife!

PS : I bet that you guys reading this articel are those finding a way to format your HDD for an external PS3 Drive!  Happy Jail Braking dudes!


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